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Hi kids!

Yes I know, it's been so very long. It's great to see the old gang as well as all the new people, so welcome to all of you.

Since it has been a long time since I've written, I think we need to catch up on my goings on, so here's my life, as it stands right now, in a nutshell....

I'm in my second year of college as a Music Major. I'm still active in all the ensembles that I was before: the local gay band, the jazz band, the symphonic band, and of course, the gay men's chorus.

With respect to the personal relationship side of things, there've been a few changes. First, I'm no longer seeing the boy that I was since November. Basically, it came down to one core difference: I wanted a relationship and he didn't. Kinda hard to stay with someone who doesn't share common goals with you. He's a fabulous guy and we still talk and stuff, but we're just no longer romantically involved.

There is a new guy, though, that's joined the chorus this term. He's in his mid-20s and has his own business. He moved up from California a couple months ago.

Personality-wise, I think we're a nice match. We're not polar opposites, but we're not exactly the same. What I think we do well, however, is banter. When a guy and I can banter, that's always been a good indication to me of how well we can get along now and down the road.

We've been out together a handful of times, probably about 5 or 6, and since he's in the chorus, I see him every week. Usually, after rehearsal, a group of us will go out to eat, and he and I will sit in the same vicinity as (if not right next to) each other. So basically, I see a definite pattern of "liking" going on here, but to what extent is the question of the day.

I've actually wanted to have a little talk with him for a little while now, but I haven't really been able to coordinate that with our schedules and various unforseeable events that pop up. But I have no doubt that it will happen sooner than later.

For those that may have forgotten (or don't know), I work as a waiter (a damned good one, if I say so myself) at a pretty popular restaurant here in Portland. Last night I made out with about 140 in tips, which was really good, because the other night sucked really badly. If I walk away with or , I'm pretty happy, but lately I've been doing much better than that (except for that one night I just mentioned). So work is going well, and I'm happy about that.

You know, I keep on saying it, but I honestly love my job. Yeah, sometimes people suck to deal with, but for the most part, I've had nothing but good experiences with people. And heavens, do I have stories about co-workers and customers alike!

So there you have it. School's going well, so is work, and I have one really good relationship prospect. What more could one ask for, all things considered?

I'll start writing more now that I'm back in the swing of things. You kids behave in the meanwhile, and I'll be back with lots more stories of philandery, debauchery, and scandal in a few days.



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welcome back you little so-and-so

Welcome back you whippersnapper, you. Glad to see that all is fairly well, and that you had not spontaneously combusted- as I had come to believe. hehe :P


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Welcome Back

And to think I had gotten over my Jazzer-blog addiction.

See you 'round.