Just a poem

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My mind is filled
filled with thoughts of you
my heart is filled
filled with animosity towards you
my eyes are blurred
blurred with visions of the present and future
my love will last
last for those who need it
I will move on
move on as soon as I let you go
For I will
I will push you out of my mind and heart
it will take time
time that I hope will be up soon.

Written for the one and only Allie monster and the future that I hope to be bright and happy. I realize now that I need someone. Someone who can make me laugh and who I can make laugh, so we can laugh together. Someone I can talk to and feel safe around. I wish it was Lena but I know its not. And I know who I wish it was. But whatever happens, happens. And until then, I long to feel whole and loved.


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I love you hon, my hopes and

I love you hon, my hopes and prayers to whoever is up there, are with you. You are a wonderful person.

~dragon fairy~

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I wish I believed that myself...::sigh:: oh well. Thanks hun.
~Lisa Fairy~