Just one day after another...

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Had to watch a movie about labor camps in History today. I didnt exactly want to. Not because I dont find that subject important just because I do find it important, so important that I could cry everytime I watch movies like that. The subject is important to me and the fact that everyone else in my history class dont look at it that way and see it as an oppurtunity to catch up on sleep, makes me even more sad and very angry. Plus when I watch movies on labor camps I am in a horrific mood afterwards and its all I can think about. Maybe its because I care too much or maybe its because I am just screwed up like that. Either way, it affects me a lot and I needed to get that out of my system.
My fingers say "Hi Lance". Someone elses' say "Hello Lisa". For someone who has a girlfriend he sure as hell flirts alot. I dont want him to flirt with me. Lena left me a flower and a note. I dont want her to flirt with me. Allie gave me a bruise....well four, and I dont want her to "flirt" with me. BLAH BLAH BLAH. Anyways, I made my chem teacher happy by being intelligent for once. Yay for me. It had to do with the splitting of Uranium atoms. Yup yup,an intellectual blonde...more could a girl want? A blonde chick with brains...ha ha...yah right. That was a joke. I think I am going to be single for the rest of my life. :/


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Well, look on the bright side, being single means you can take yourself out more often and have alot more one night stands...JK =)
Seriously though, there's someone for you out there. They'll come around. Or you will. Doesn't matter, you'll meet him/her eventually.

Keep positive,


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Thanks! It can be frustrating sometimes...but I will deal!
~Lisa Fairy~