Just one of those "blah" updates.

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Ooooh. It's my second entry for the NEW new Oasis. Ain't it purdy? :-P

I can't say there's been a lot going on these past few days other than boring work related stuff. The past three shifts I've worked, I've only worked on banquets. Banquets are nice because everything comes pre-ordered and all you have to do is worry about serving them their food and taking cocktail orders when they get there. The other night on a banquet, I did 140 dollars, which wasn't bad at all, and then the night before that, I walked away with 80 bucks, which was really nice, too.

Tonight I had a small banquet of only 34 people, so I didn't walk away with that much money; only about 50. But there were some nice things about this evening. First, they were high schoolers, so they tend to be pretty fun. Next, they had two of the most attractive foreign exchange students I've ever seen: one boy was from Sweeden and the other was from Germany. Mmmm. Euro-boys. :-D Needless to say, I flirted shamelessly with them and enjoyed every minute of them.

School has been going pretty well, too. Just getting through a lot of stuff before finals, so I'm looking forward to Spring Break. Gosh, I can't believe it, Spring Break isn't THAT far away! Yay!!!!

I'm STILL chasing after that 26-year-old; nothing to report as of late, other than I think I'm being played. Thing is, he has lots of guys chasing after him right now. I think he wants to explore all his options and stuff before he decides to settle down with someone, if anyone. Not that I could blame him--the attention IS nice, that's for sure. Let's hope that after weighing all the options, he decides what's going to be best for him (and let's REALLY hope that'll be me). If not, well, I'm always searching for the next adventure!

Gosh, I don't have a lot to say this time. There's this cute boy who works in the kitchen at my work; he's TOTALLY sweet (and yes, TOTALLY straight), but a girl can dream, right? :) Some boy hit on me today at school, which was very flattering, and I'm enjoying life as much as I can. I work three more days this week, so I should have a nice chunk of change to spend on whatever (or whomever) I wish. Perhaps I'll make a date for tomorrow and see what happens. Hrm....

Anyhow, you kids take care, and I'll let you know how my (mis)adventures go as I have them!