Long way from home

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I have never been to San Fransico (let alone CA) before and here I am. All alone and queer as they come. I come from a small town in NH(when I told this to a person I met they asked me, where is Nh?) and I feel as though I have come through a door to a land of palm trees and openess. The first billboard I saw said "closets are for coats". This made me sooo happy! I have known I was gay sence I was 10 and only came out to my family and friends when my grrrlfriend and I decided we would(Sometime after collage) get married. I have been exploring the city and trying to get to know the places where other youth hang out, but have been unsucsessful. I really want to chill w/ people my own age seince I work in an office all day. I feel more and more comfortable w/ my soroundings as the days go by, but as my time here comes to a close I am feeling that old butterfly thang. I just want to get home. Hopefully I can find a few good places to hang and meet some good people before I head back to the land of snow, but I must say I miss my grrl so much I would walk back. peace Gypsy


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The local youth group in town is LYRIC, located over on Collingwood, which is a block or two West of Castro, between 18th and 19th.

The local dance clubs have 18+ nights, but I'm way too old to track that stuff, but LYRIC would know all that stuff. You can just drop-in, I believe.

Of course, I highly recommend going to my first public reading Thursday night at 8 p.m. at the Jon Sims Center, 11th and Mission. Be one of the first people on Oasis to hear my novel! :-) More info at http://www.jonsimsctr.org/


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Hey check your Oasis inbox :)

Hey check your Oasis inbox :)!