magazines and loud boots

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i walked to the library today. the metal on my boots made my walk up the marble stairs very loud. i looked for books on the history of punk rock in america. they didn't have any books at that branch. so i sat reading "Thrasher" i have not picked up a skateboarding magazing since i was like 4. i miss them, i need to start reading them more. i felt to out of place in the library so i walked down the large steps. on my way out i saw this pile of magazines on the floor i picked one up, it was this LGBT magazine...i was happy. i mean i do live in san francisco, but little things like that make me happy. i stuffed it into my backpack before anyone could see me holding something LGBT. I walked out into the cold air and slipped on my head phones, "rage against the machines" blast into my ears. it feels good. i don't want to go home yet, so i walk instead of waiting for the 48, i take the long way home. i like to walk, even if i am in 30 pound combat boots. i get home to an empt house, i like that i like being alone somtimes. my bhouse is cold like outside, i like that. i like the feeling of cold air in my lungs.


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Sounds good to me.....

Sounds like a fairly decent venture....I am home alone now so I know kinda what you mean. I wish it was still raining though. Then I would be able to have inspiration to write!
~Lisa Faery~