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Well I don't know about hand guns, only ever fired three of em, one was a .357 S&W wicked kickback, not very usefull tool for hunting or anything else, just cause of the recoil. Second was a .38 when I did my work placement in HS with the local police station, They were upgradeing thier guns to .9mm's I got to go to the training sessions and fireing ranges. the .38 is a wussy gun. little recoil, and little bullets. now the .9mm there is a gun. wicked, I like the steel color finish. weighing 6 lbs, very light compaird to the cast irons .38's and .357's. minimal recoil. very usefull tool. wether for intimidation, big or small game hunting or policing. a wicked all around gun. ammo is cheap.

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I actually have a question fo

I actually have a question for someone who is hopefully better informed about gun control than I am. I believe generally in non-violence, and have mixed opinions on various gun control measures. The one I don't understand is the response the NRA and such have to measures that, say, require more throrough background checks or a waiting period before puchasing a firearm. What is the objection to that? I'm sure there must be some justification (even if I don't agree with it), but I don't think I've ever heard it, and I'm curious, since measures such as these seem like a good idea to me. Anyone know?

P.S. I am admittedly not terribly well informed about gun control issues, so feel free to use small words :-)

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ONe thing that gets me aboyt gun attempted gun control is registration. here in Canada all guns HAVE to be registered with the federal government. Hand guns are illeagal except those with collectors permits, even then they are strictly controled. BUt registration has proven to not make a differnce in gun violence. a criminal is still gonna steal a gun, a criminal is still gonna commit the crime. its not gonna change or prevent a thing. wel... the Canadian Gun Registry was supposed to cost $2 million... final cost? well over $1 BILLION! go figure.

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This was

very informative, however not persuasive. People kill people, I firmly believe that, however if guns were eliminated altogether (meaning no guns in the world anywhere ever) then it would be much harder and less efficient to kill someone. Now, don't get me wrong, I do realize that to eliminate guns from the world forever is virtually impossible. It's just that, even if I had every possible fact for and against guns, I would still believe in no guns.

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I myself am more often in the Pro-gun camp when it comes to these types of issues. It seems that the idea of taking away weapons to reduce violence is a band-aid approch to the problem. Guns don't cause the violence, it is something about our culture that is the problem.

That said, I thought the site was a bit, oh how to put it, one sided. There are alot of good points that anti-gun people make and those points were dissmissed without much consideration.

By the way, I just watched Bowling for Columbine last night. I liked it alot. Particularly his expose on "the culture of fear." He was kinda mean to the NRA though.

and by the by the way, I come from Nothern Minnesota, "gun country" so that may have something to do with my gun views.

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it is guns and it isnt. in canada, we have a similar ratio thing percentage for guns for people, and we have like 150 or less deaths by guns (including accidents)and even considering the population, we have less deaths and accidents. i think laws and mentality have alot to do with it. ive never known anyone who owned a gun and was less than 40 yrs old and it wasnt for hunting.

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I remember during my first week of classes, when I'd let the students ask me some questions about who I am, where I come from, etc., a question I got in every class was "Do you have a gun?" I said "absolutely not," but it was interesting to see how our gun-toting culture is perceived elsewhere in the world.

I think that guns and knives should be illegal, and cops should only be allowed to carry rifles in their cars... That certainly wouldn't eliminate crime, and people would still be able to get weapons on the black market, but it would certainly make committing violent crimes a lot harder.