My family is...

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on CRACK!!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly, I don't understand them. My sister and mother are in a fight. Its funny if you ask me, only cause I am not a part of it. But uh yah. They argue like crazy. My mom will say something and my sister's response is "Because. Now leave me alone.". Damn its hilarious. Last night I walked into the bathroom and she followed and when my mom asked where she was she yelled, "I AM HANGING OUT WITH MY SISTER, IN THE BATHROOM!!!!". That sounds really bad, lol.
I hung out wif the girl who is friends with the Allie monster. I am pretty sure I shouldn't have. Thats way too close to the monster than I would like to get.But I did. And it was fun. Shes fairly cool and we have a lot of stuff in common. I just wish she didnt live so far away and wasnt so much older than me. But thats how it happened. And shes pretty nice and cute....wicked cute...but I dunno if it will work. Age and distance throw it off. Plus her connections to the monster....BUT WHATEVER!!!! Whatever happens happens! La la la...Super cute mood right now. Dunno why. It happens.
A nail bit me last night and now the cut isnt looking to uh healthy? Can healthy be a word to describe a bleeding cut on your hand? Doesn't sound right to me. Anyways. Yah somehow I cut my hand on the head of a nail, not the pointy end, the flat top?!!?! I am blonde so yah.
I suppose thats about it. So yah. Cya later!


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I used the phrase "so yah" waaaaaay too many times in that one blog....Dragon you so werent at school for lunch today! Tis ok though. Bonded with Heather! Lol.
~Lisa Fairy~