My Little Brother

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Well, It has happened. My lttle brother has proved ignorant and rude. A symbol of the young teens of the world today. I had an MSN conversation with him just now. here is the txt

JB Says: J** Whats up?

J** Says: Who is this?

JB Says: Your brother, silly!

J** Says: Faggot!

JB Says: Thats not nice J**, swearing like that!

J** Says: Shutup Faggot!

JB Says: J** Whats wrong with you?

J** Says: Don't talk to me!

JB Says: J** why are you acting like this?

JB Says: J**?

JB Says: Hello????

JB Says: Are You Ignoreing me?

J** Says: No

And then he signed off. the question remains, should I phone my dad and let him know of his misguided prodigy's behavior? or let it be till next time i see him and show him how a faggot will kick his ass?

If i let my Dad know, J** will surely be grounded untill next fall...



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It's the only real weapon siblings have against each other, the prospect of telling mom and dad.

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me and my siblings ...

always preferred verbal insults and roughing each other up.

Since neither of us really ever gave a fuck what our parents thought and consider them in a 'us vs them' kind of way.

ymmv =)

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Comming form someone in a lar

Comming form someone in a large, close knit family, SQUEAL! Then when you get home, kick his ass! Let him know that you are the same person you were before, just know he knows about your sexuality. Let him know that you won't take any crap from him, or from anyone else for that matter. Good luck!