New...I hate being new....blah

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Blog? Funny word. Anyway, yah I am new to this site, and right now I am in a fairly depressed mood. So I am not sure what to say or what not.::pouts:: I am having one of those days, like being locked in the back of a cab and watching through the back windshield as you drive away from everything you know? You know the feeling? ::sigh:: Well I suppose I shall get over it.


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welcome. i know the feeling all too well. anyway, hope you feel better. take care!

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Thanks, its been rough but I do believe I shall survive. I am a chick who can be tough as nails when I need to be! Lol. I wish, I am a kitten dressed as a tiger! Go figure. Anyways thank you for the support! =)
~Lisa Fairy~