no gays at the patricks parade?

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i was reading about the new york patricks day parade today and they said that the irish gays and lesbians had their annual protest because allowed to take part. ok i would like to know the bullshity dum ass political reason why. i remember hearing about this before but i would like to know more about it.

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It's primarily about the church. They do get to march in the parade in Queens, a few days before.


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It's because...

It's all because of a riot that started with Cardinal O'Connor and a group of radical left-wing gay "activists". The self-described "activists' disrupted a Church service because (instead of asking politely) and the Catholic diocese decided that they were better off avoiding gay people in general all together.

Unfair? Yes. Fairness is an issue here. Not all gay people are rude radical activists.

Unreasonable? No. It's their parade, so they can do what the hell they want with it.

Unjust? No. If the radical activists wouldn't have first bombarded their ceremony, then the Church might have been more welcoming. It's kind like the reaction the Christian Coalition gets when they ask if they can sit outside and demostrate their protest when a gay pride parade takes place. We don't want them trampling on us, so it should be expected that they don't want us to interfere with their affinities either.