Not bad for a Monday...

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Today has been suprisingly not bad, considering it's a Monday. I just finished doing my Japanese homework; it was much less painful than it usually is. Of course, it was nice not having to trek across campus in the 6 degree weather to go to the language lab to do it...but that's besides the point.

Last Friday I received the necklaces I'd ordered online...One's a hemp necklace w/rainbow colored beads weaved in, and the other one has the female-female symbol on it. I've been wearing the second one all day, and I find myself wondering if people actually notice.

Arrgh...I need to go buy tickets to the Vagina Monologues. They're being performed this week here on campus, and a few of my friends are in it. I hope it's not sold out!! I've never seen them before, but I've heard it's an awesome experience. The whole campus is in an uproar right always is when the V-Monologues time comes. Think traditional, conservative, Catholic University and you'll probably get the picture. The play was described by some as promoting lesbianism, masturbation, and promiscuous behavior. *sigh* some people just refuse to look at the bigger picture, beyond their little, sheltered world.

Yikes...i'd better go! time for econ, and I can't afford to miss b/c we have a test on Wednesday.