Old Friends

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I am out. The parents know, all the friends know, my school knows, most of my teachers know; it's not really an issue for me any more! However, I find a few pockets of people who do not know that I am gay, and am having a hard time coming out. One of them is my VERY old friend. He is probably one of my oldest and best friends; we played together in preschool, and were best freinds all through grade school. Now, how do I tell him after I've told the rest of the world. He's been hinted at, told and not believed (from other people), and I really don't think he's got it yet. I'm almost positive he'd be cool, and he's one of the most intelligent, coolest people ever. How do I come out to someone I should have told a year ago?

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sounds tricky. I have a difficult time tellin' people myself even when I know they would be compleatly cool about it. It just seems like a bit of an awkward topic to bring up sometimes. I think you just gotta slump your shoulders, take a big breath and tell your chum. "hey palsy boy, guess what" "what is it freind?" he'll ask "I'm a gay person" "oh, I see."

Simple as cake.

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After a certain point..

I think you just do your thing, don't censor anything, and when you say something that is obviously gay (like, I really don't want to see that movie, even though XX is pretty hot), just double back and correct him that you are gay and you thought he knew.