Pet peeves.....

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I'm starting a pet peeve list for everyone so they can get their frustrations out, and be happy, relaxed etc. Feel free to share yours. Let the love flow.

My pet peeve is:

People making out in the middle of class.
People making political statements when they do not have their facts straight (either side, republican or democrat, conservative or liberal).

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even when women smokes, ugh unattractive. No offence. Men pissing on the seat or not flushing their business. (IM DEAF) people turn on and off the head light repetely to get my attention. IM not toally deaf i wear a hearing aid in the left DUH! I HAVE A NAME. Ummm Poking for attention too.

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People saying they don't be

People saying they don't believe in gay marriage without a good reason using the exscuse god made adam and eve not adam and adam when they don't even believe god made adam and eve. In other words people having strong opinions without good reasons to back them up.

People lying about things like i'll ring you and then don't if your not going to then don't say you will. Or i'll french knit you a braclet then don't.

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Oh boy!

Old ladies who stare at me and my boyfriend when we hold hands or hug, homeschoolers who gossip about my music and my gay clothes and the way i act, kids whow wear sunglasses inside cause they think they look cool, feet, eyebrow plucking. i also have to agree with political wannabes who don't have a clue what they're talking about. especially republicans.

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I happen to be a very well-read republican. Sorry you feel that way. What can I say? To each their own.

It's enough to make you stop believing when tears come fast and furious in a town called malice!!

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It's my opinion that conservatives (using the proper definition of the word) are a very different breed than "neocons" like Shrub and his pack of fascists (again using the textbook definition), which could better be described as corporatism. What's conservative about the Bush tax cut, or the multibazillion-jillion dollar airline bailout? For that matter, what's conservative about the international adventurism that we're engaged in now? It blow my mind sometimes how "conservatives" like Bush (and Reagan before him, really the father of the modern genre) run their foreign and military policies with an arrogance and high-handedness that would have made FDR and his liberals blush with shame.

Conservativism (jeez, that's a hard one to spell), on the other hand, is based on ideas like not legislating morality, keeping government away from business and vice versa keeping government away from religion and and vice versa, and conservation ("just a minute, TeeAhr, you mean to tell us that conservatives want to conserve?" I know, baffling, isn't it?) of our natural, economic, and military resources (like Teddy Roosevelt, founder of the national park system). Ralph Nader is more conservative than the conservatives. Conservative issues are populist issues. (And if I am forced to type out "conservative" or any derivation thereof once more today, I shall surely vomit.)

Wow, who put a quarter in my ass this morning, huh? Anyway, not trying to shred you, just want to get a dialogue going, I don't meet many knowledgeable Republicans. Please do reply/rebut/rant right back.

TeeAhr1. Self-rightious old windbag.

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2 Quotes from "This Hour Has 22 minutes" about Bush

"Having George Bush tell you about business ethics is like having a leper give you a facial. Doesn't really work"

"George Bush says he's a 'compassionate conservative'. I'm not sure what that is, but it sort of sounds like a Volvo with a gun rack."

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Homeschool Group

I wasn't referring to well-read republicans, just homeschool wannabe republicans who grew up listening to no one but their parents and feel compelled to do what their parents do even though they don't have their own beliefs to back it up. sorry! (i'm homeschooled too by the way and my parents whom i love deeply are dubya to the core)

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What bothers me?

When I poor my heart out to someone I care about so deeply and they don't say anythign, or say "I don't know what to say." People from my old community and their small little close-minded views. When I give and give and give so much and don't even get the littlest bit of love in return. My ex boyfriend (emphasis on the ex) and how he use to deal with everything by fighting and saying "your not being objective," I think that one take the icing on the cake and I'm SOOOOOO glad I don't have to deal with his shit......anymore!

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Stupid people

are my number one pet peeve, followed closely by ignorant people.

Chief Political Right Hand Woman to Ceo, Founder and First Member of The Movement to Free Oompa Loompa Land from the Tryanicall Capitalsitic Despot Willy Wonka

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My pet peeve is the sound of people eating and drinking, especially when they make smacking and slurping noises and swallow really loudly. Drives me nuts.

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I HATE that! Especially in c

I HATE that! Especially in cheap movies on tv stations. They'll have a scene where a family is at dinner, and I just hate the sounds of the silver wear clinking, swallowing, etc.
Hate hate hate!

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Druids, damn them!

No, I'm just kidding, I actually love druids, and know some very nice ones. No, my pet peeves, is people who REFUSE to watch foreign films because it's "too much reading." GAH! Also, people who use the word "like" beyond its actual deffinition. It makes me angry, especially when I do it. No worries:)

The Head of Security for the Movement to Free Oompa Loompa Land from the Tyrannical Capitalistic Despot Willy Wonka

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The disease

Also, people who use the word "like" beyond its actual deffinition. It makes me angry, especially when I do it.

Good one. Unfortunately, it spreads like the damn flu, and once you're infected, you're doomed. It's a *ahem* degeneratory linguistic contagion (you like that one?), and it is sucking the soul out of modern American English.

TeeAhr1. Real live legend of, like, the New American West. And stuff.

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Pet peeves

I can't stand words. The worst one of all is "packet" (shudder) followed closely by "wipe" and "queasy". The rest are mainly combo verbs with "up" in them: "wake up," "clean up," "warm up," etc. And then the following list of expressions:
-Good to go
-Make life less miserable
-Catch 22
-Dog eat dog world
-"I'm not good at pronunciation, so I'm sorry if I butcher your name"
-I know, right?
-Bad! (As in "good". I mean, come on.)
-Same difference
-I could care less (How does that make ANY sense? Shouldn't you be UNABLE to care less?!)
-I prefer _____, myself. (Whats with the stress pronoun? You already made it quite clear that you're referring to yourself. You don't have to say "myself".)
-I have no clue.
-I'm not sure. (Geez, admit you don't know. Just say "I don't know.")
-Bro (When used by white guys.)
-It makes me feel warm and fuzzy
-I'm smart like that
-I'm gonna deck 'em! (Wha? He's cards now?)

And it goes on and on and on. I don't know how I live in a world where people say these things.

"Don't listen to me; I'm fulla crap." --Steven Rosa

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I hate that too. It is, by far, the stupidest expression ever uttered in the english language.

Chief Political Right Hand Woman to Ceo, Founder and First Member of The Movement to Free Oompa Loompa Land from the Tryanicall Capitalsitic Despot Willy Wonka

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"Close-minded." It's just one more letter, damn it, how fucking lazy are we, people?

TeeAhr1. The Prairie Grammarian himself.

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my pet peeves

I play cello and we had an orchestra competition today, a few of my orchestral pet peeves; when people tightent their bows so much that they look like they are about to break in half, when cellists or bassists refuse to put their in-pins up and slouch over really low to play, and when people only use vibratto on one finger (i mean, is it really that hard to learn how to use your other four fingers).

My other pet peeves; When people say (not type, when the're actually using vocal cords) stuff like, "g2g", "wtf", "ttyl" and "omg", when people type stuff like this it bothers me, but i can deal with it. And my final pet peeve is when people ask if i shave my legs when im wearing shorts or capris. If i shaved my legs, they wouldn't be hairy would they?

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Spread the gospel

When people say (not type, when the're actually using vocal cords) stuff like, "g2g", "wtf", "ttyl" and "omg", when people type stuff like this it bothers me, but i can deal with it.

Here here!

TeeAhr1. Real live legend of the New American West.

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what bugs me is ingorance.

people who try to engage me on subjets that they do not know anything about. people who cannot make an informed aregument on an issue is what bugs me.

Vice President and Drug Tzar of The Movement To Free Ommpa loompa Land From The Tyrannical Rule Of The Evil Capitalsitic Despot Willy Wonka And Associates

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Another peeve of mine is when people say STUPID, RETARD, DUMB, and such like that.

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The Fucking Enlightenment!

Also known as the Age of Reason. I despise it. It created a few good ideas (Locke was neat) but mostly just made for dry, uninteresting literature with no soul or humanity. I dislike it.
The Head of Security for the Movement to Free Oompa Loompa Land from the Tyrannical Capitalistic Despot Willy Wonka

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People who don't put anything in the subject line

Alas, my landlord won't let me keep pets. A little peeve running around would brighten up the place so much...

You want it, baby, you got it (this list is by no means exhaustive):
*Poor punctuation
*People who "support the troops but oppose the war"
*People not capitalizing just because they're online and lazy (and you know who you are)
*Five clubs and four hearts, and you're playing spades (every time, I don't know how I do it)
*People who think they're smarter than me, but aren't
*People who think they're smarter than me, and are
*People who go "eeew" when I crack my back
*The French language
*The following words in alphabetical order: "all that," affect, bling-bling, douche, hurl, nice, pot, "you don't even know" (this list subject to addition at any time)
*Trucks with loud pipes
*Anything featuring Calvin urinating
*People who insist that they're good to drive when they are manifestly not
*The letter I
*Screws with non-conventional (as in phillips or flat) heads
*Anything that requires metric tools
*Old people who shouldn't still be driving
*People who know you're trying to quit something (like cigarettes or methamphetamines, you fucking bastards), and so take every opportunity to wave it in your face
*Cell phones
*America Online
*People who will not leave me the hell alone
*The inability to totally rid my computer of Internet Explorer no matter what the hell I do
*Any flavor of Pucker or its clones (drink or begone)
*Ignorance (stupidity is hereditary, but ignorance is voluntary)
*The following musical "artists": Limp Bizkit (the champion, hands down), all boy bands, Celine Dion, new Rolling Stones, Beck, all 80s glam metal (special dishonorable mention to Quiet Riot and Kiss), Paul McCartney, Toby Keith, Puff Daddy, Sting (this list also subject to addition at a moment's notice)
*People who really like Bruce Springsteen and don't get that he was being sarcastic, dumbass!
*People who own every Disney movie
*People who didn't vote for Nader just because they were afraid of giving the election to Bush (see ignorance above)
*Artificial grape flavoring

And coming in at number one, if I could get a drumroll please...


You cannot fathom the depths of my hatred for television and the pandering, peddling, duping, and drugging of America that it represents. They'd all better pray at night to whatever evil god they pray to that I never rule.

TeeAhr1. Malarial tick on the ass of the Man.

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You do know the term "wigger" is an amalgamation of "white nigger," right? Might it have been better to say something like "uncultured middle class white kids?"

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Its a wrod. to describe a fake person. a wannabe. I do not see it as racist predudiced at all.

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So you're saying that to insu

So you're saying that to insult a White person who is perceived as trying to imitate Blacks using a word derived from "nigger" isn't racist? If a White kid with a stereotyped conception of Black culture who appropriates the superficial aspects of it is a "wigger" ("white nigger"), then what does make a Black kid who dresses like that? In my hometown, I sometimes heard people call the local Native American people "prairie niggers." Do you think that's insulting only to Native peoples, but not to Blacks? Think about it.

I'm not accusing anyone of being prejudiced, but in my opinion, using words like that is just, like, so gay.

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No, because there are several kinds of uncultured middle class white kids. I'm one (see: hick). I know what a wigger is, that's why I said it. I agree with JB, I don't think it's a racist thing. I think the fact that there are wiggers is kind of demeaning, actually, to black and white people alike.

TeeAhr1. Filthy.

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i hate people that whistle, or spit. guys who make gross irritatiing comments and get mad at me for responding. people who say: its just a phase, or that person is doing it for attention. people who hate french people (im french and i dont hate englsih people).olives, red meat (especially unercooked), people that makeout in hallways, wiggers, people who are loud and stupid and run around and mess up books at the library (i work there) weird wigger shoes, fake nails, hairspray, people that wear too much blush, brown, people who eat their food and scratch at their plate or teeth with their utensils, diet drinks, animal print on clothes, people who use big words too much without really knowing what they mean, people who are political wannabes and people who just dont care about anything. yah that and justin timberlake rrr...


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Pet Peeves

1.People who drive down the road with their turn signals on

2.Inconsiderate semi drivers who pull out in front of you and/or cut you off because they are bigger than you

3.The word "flesh" How gross is that word?

4.Kids at school who are in a college class and when they talk, you think you fell asleep and woke up in 7th grade

5.People who sit in there car with thier seat all the way back and drive that way! When I pull up next to them and look over, they look at me from the driver's seat through the rear window!

6.Teens who drive by with their stereos thumping so loud it shakes MY house

7.People with $100 cars with $2000 rims

8.People with $100 cars with $2000 alarm systems

9.People with $100 cars with $2000 stereo systems

10.People with stereo systems

11.People with cars that sound like high performance weed eaters

12.People who say "same difference"

13.People who do 30 mph on the interstate in the FAST LANE and WONT GET OVER FOR ANYTHING

14.Inconsiderate people who dont pull to the side of the road for funeral processions. Have some respect man.

15.People who drive on the interstate in a pouring rain with little visibility in a grey car with NO HEADLIGHTS


17.That about covers it, for now.

This list subject to change at my discretion. You turn signal people will NEVER be removed from my list! NEVER! MUWAHAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

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Edit for my list #'s 7 thru 9

7.People with one hundred dollar cars with two thousand dollar rims.

8.People with one hundred dollar cars with two thousand dollar alarm systems.

9.People with one hundred dollar cars with two thousand dollar stereo systems.

The numbers didnt post in my previous entry.