POoOp TiMe

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Feel like you're stuck in a cage unable to get through the metal bars?? Trapped, having to watch the others being free to do what they want to do??? Contained in a box you can't get out of???? Call 1-800-UNDO-LES. You will be able to push open the lid and pull yourself OUT. hahaha. I really wish they had something like that going on...bleh.

The future I fear will eventually descend on me too suddenly and my fragile body will be shattered in a painful way.... and I have to do this alone, for I have no warm breath running down my neck or an embrace of support from one so close, no one whom I can share my love with and I am struggling inside and right now I am really feeling it. Demoralised by the lack of admirers and the tough life ahead I see something pale standing strong alone in a field of hope. Friends I do have but sadly this is far from what a friend can offer...x