Random Depression

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Everyday is just like any other day, people being as they are. Ignorant, stuck up, gossip, and making rumors that never happened and yet they just love to make other people feel bad. Yet, here I am, stuck and feeling sorry for myself in my dank bedroom painted in dark purple and white ceiling. Laying comfortably on my double bed, on sky blue sheets with gold stars and moons floating on the spread. My tiger faux print pillows and blanket, three other pillows lies uncovered from its slip, double sized black blanket covering myself, with beautiful patterns of faded white flowers. Sometimes the room can be like a boiler, as my own mother would state


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no i can't identify with that

no i can't identify with that, but it doesn't seem like a good thing. As far as i can make out you have other deaf people who understand what it's like, but they aren't gay, and even one or two are, they are not the ones that you fancy.

Although i have no knowledge about this, have you tried dancing to the vibrations and if you go to enough gay clubs then perhaps in the end you can find some one who is both deaf and gay. Don't give up hope, think how long a year is, a lot can change in a year this problem may not be solved in a year, but during this year a lot will change, then the next year, even more will change, then eventaully you may find someone who can relate to you, and if you can't then maybe your veiws will change and then this won't bother you.

Don't get annoyed at me for writing this, you may think it's a load of crap just cus it's saying the sterotypical message that things will/might get better, but i believe that what i wrote is true and wanted to write something because although I can't relate exactally, i know what its like when no one can relate or understand you and you don't think that anyone ever will.

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I just lost a friend today because of my additude today. im stupid