Rublic Dolihays Pock!

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Sorry guys.. i am having a moonerism spoment. Friday was a public holiday .. it was fantastic. I slept 18 hours out of every 24 this weekend. When i wasnt asleep i was jacked up on smurf juice (dont ask.. heh) reading Neil Gaiman.

Anyway , I saw my mom this weekend for the first time in about 6 months.. she introduced me to her new boyfriend. Me and her have this understanding that she has shit taste in men. It progressed from an unspoken truth to something i will throw in her face everytime it comes up since she chose her then boyfriend soon to be ex husband over me and my brother when I was 15. I didnt see her for about 2 years, although we kept in touch telephonically.

She is kind of miffed at me , because at the dinner table she asked me if I wanted apple tart, to which i giggled and asked if she was going to do her william tell impersonation. One of the great things about being a fag is that you have a license to embrace your inner bitch, although it's a very very fine line between a soft embrace and strangling the ho'. Bygones.

I ended up buying a Ben Folds Five cd (the unauthorized biography of reinhold messner) and the new Zwan cd .. which I fell in love with in the store. Very nice disc. I've also decided my biography is going to be subtitled 'an unauthorized autobiography' , i love irony and paradoxii.

I read another 5 chapters of Godel , Escher , Bach : an Eternal Golden Braid, which i got for my 21st birthday , and i am resolute to finish before my 22nd. It's kind of maths meets philosophy meets art , written in a very interesting , but taxing way. Highly recommended.. and atleast by the end of it you will know how to write some Lisp *grin*


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yay adie!

you should write non-technical update content more often! i'm all enthused by ur update. :)

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