Running make-up

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my mascara is running. It must look as if i have been crying, i don't cry.
my tummy wants that warm feeling. that isn't good, not good at all.
I don't wanna go to school tomorrow, i hate school, i have to lie so much there.
i don't want to see my shrink tomorrow she fucking pisses me off.
I am so sick of SF right now, yet i really wanna go explore it.
I want it to be the weekend, i wanna see my friends...but which group, dude i have way too many groups.
I say dude, hella, crazy and sketch too much.
I am hella random, dude i did it again.
I want to see my brother i wanna hang with him, he gets me even tho he knows the least about me and my gayness
He has got the goods
I need some sleep
I hope random yoga woman calls me again
I wanna become friends with her.
I want to do yoga, and swing in thw park, sit on the grass, dance in a club, sip drinks with friends, speed down the high way.
*sigh* i can't do any of this right now...all i can do is either sleep or write
one more thought...why was i wearing make-up today, weird...i never wear make -up