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so yeah. he's schizofriendic. totally nuts when it comes to social relationships. thats just my take on it. here i will post a convo, randomly that has nothing to do with the topic, ill just remove his name.

Him: here
Me: um. okee.
Me: so my question is, this is a discussing i am having, dont think im hitting on you, are you relationship minded enough where you attempt to form romantic relationships or does it just not matter to you.
Me: or is it due to past experiences that you are cautious and careful?
Him: i couldn't form a relationship if i didn't feel it was "romantic"
Him: i want one but i won't have one just for the sake of having one
Me: good shit there my friend.
Me: thank you
Me: does it have anything to do with the you liking straight guys thing?
Him: no, thats a whole separate curse.
Me: lol.
Me: dont worry. i fall for the guys who have no emotions.
Me: you think straight is bad?
Me: im like the horse chasing the carrot.
Me: it just keeps moving in front of me
Him: umm...well its probably the most impossible
Me: well...i guess. sorta.
Me: at least then its a flat out no
Me: not some psychotic ring around the rosey cheeked nick
Me: having been in both, thats my take.
Me: yours could be different. you seem to be okay with emotional distance and lack of connection or conversation, so maybe.
Him: do I?
Me: you do
Me: not saying you are. just saying its possible view point.
Me: so you know.
Me: not saying your a completely emotionally challenged nothing on the scale of relationshipability. just stiff.
Me: *still

so hes all "you think im emotionally challenged?" and im all "yeah"