She follows me EVERYWHERE!

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Ok, hear me out, and I hope you can help. There is a girl at my school who is totally infactuated with me. She constantly wants to be around me, help me, talk with me... hell, she is always everwhere I am outside of class (Thank God I don't have classes with her). Anyway, then there is another girl who I happen to like, but she's a straight, and most of her actions around me could be easily interpreted as flirting, but I know she doesn't mean her actions in that way. It drives me crazy. One who looks as if she wants to kiss me every minute I'm with her, and the other is driving me crazy with her "flirting" she isn't aware she is doing.

THEN, a friend of mine thinks I've been trying to get together with one of my best friends just because I've been very close with her alot.

Sigh, too much, just too much....

What else has been going on.... oh, how could I have forgoten? A gal and a dude that I know has been together for a while now, but It is sooo disuting being around them. Hell, their like plastered to eachother every waking moment. Always kissing and hugging and practically making out whenever they get the chance. Then my friend who thinks I'm flirting with my Best thinks I'm bad when it comes to me and my girlfriends! Atleast I do that in private!

Well, I'm talking too much. I have to get ready for this circus again tomorrow. See Ya!