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Shit. It


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Has he responded to any e-mail? Told you what's up with him?

I mean, there is always a chance that you two were coming at this from different angles. Him thinking it was a sex thing, and you thinking it was the start of a relationship. Doesn't mean you won't just get hurt in the end, but just want to see if he misled you, or if you actually added stuff to the mix that wasn't there.


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Hell, if he had just said it was a sex thing it wouldn't have been half bad. I know though that he said he would call the next day, he didn't so i did. no respons. nothing, no email, nothing. he said he liked me and we should go out again, but i havn't heard from him since.

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I know what you mean. My best

I know what you mean. My best friend loves to make it a point everyday to make fun of gay people. It's really stupid and immature, not to mention offensive. But he doesn't know I'm gay, so of course nothing is going to stop him.