sick. tired. pissy. with no guitar.

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my strings are broken. and im poor. need more money to buy more strings. damn exilirs. im sick, and bitchy and poor world. whats keeping me going? my sweettasting bed. and my souldecision cd. yes, disco-pop-love is a driving force in keeping me alive. and thinking of jason wade. dont know why im so addicted to him lately, damnit. "when the world keeps spinnin you 'round, and my world's upside down and i wouldnt change a thing...marry me nick." sounds good. that and sarah mclachlan. " the terms of endearment....." lucky me i keep playing solace in my head, and not bsides, rarities, and other stuff. that was a bad day. and im starting to find people reading my randomness unsettling. ::wooohuh:: i think you need to know me to know what sound that is. oh well. read read read away. g'night all y'all folks.