so im doing the less angry now. but worriedish.

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everything just got a little out of hand with the anger. but last night i had a dream. not one of my preminitions i dont think, cause it didnt feel real, not that my visions have been exactly on lately. anyway. in it, tommy contacted me. which was really spooky. not that hes dead or anything, but i was under the influance i would NEVER see him or hear from him again. so i didnt get it right away. got a little head spinny. and in this dream i nearly forgave him which was not exactly intelligent. but i never actually did. i kept myself from saying yes. with all of me i kept being confused and couldnt commit to even seeing him ever again. for those lost souls who dont know who is is, tommy is the nutfuck who ravaged my brain for months and months, first love, and he decided to shatter me and that was his thing. he did this a few times, though i did get my bitchslapping in myself. anyway. so just fucking ugh. i dont know. ill let the goddess give me more info but just sorta confused.
peace, love, and the half full in a paper cup,


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I know the bad first love tale all to well. Are you pagan? I noted the use of Goddess in your post and was left wondering.


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im nondenominational pagan. w

im nondenominational pagan. wiccan/druid and i follow all goddess. its fun stuff.

"...with greater expectation than i can fill..."