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Ok guys .. the current Oasis is running .. and people are finally getting sed to it .. In the meantime however .. phase 2
Now the purpose of this discussion is what you would like to see. What about the current oasis you don't like .. etc.

I have a lot of plans for oasis in the coming months.. and from a purely 'features' point of view... oasis is going to be a pretty gifted little community site , but I am one person alone.. and i feel an open discussion would allow us to add or modify things to a level where it is the least confusing for new users, and the most optimized for us old-timers..

Also .. if there is something specifically done on some other blog system (live journal , blogger etc) does that you want to see in oasis.. don't hesitate to mention , describe and link to it so we can get an idea of the features of the other systems vs us.
(more here).

*update* Ok guys.. I have been working on oasis on and off tonight .. having lots of fun.. learning some new things etc. (so dont feel too sorry for me) .. i just wanted to give you some timeframe for user sites and the next relaunch.

Basically , some of the stuff that I need for the relaunch is not being done by me, and as such I dont have much control over when they get done... As near as I can estimate.. user sites should be ready (or atleast quite far in beta testing) by the end of April at the very latest. I know you guys have been waiting for this for a while , and I can understand you miss the old sites (i know I do) .. but I do have more than a few tricks up my sleave .. and some things do take time. I am going to try and keep you guys a bit more updated in the next few weeks in regards to progress , but I cant promise anything (a lot of the development is hush hush top secret stuff for now *evil grin*)

*more important news* Regarding the consistent 'emails not being sent' issue .. i have found the issue , but I require some help with testing the fix. So if you were one of those people.. and you see me online on aim (details on my profile) .. please volunteer to help sort this out. Almost all the people I have come across with this issue were using mail accounts... and the problem can basically be summed up in "aol (and other mail hosts) are busy filtering out the confirmation mails because it gets picked up as spam." this is kinda a good thing(for your sanity), but is very annoying right at this moment (and will hopefully go away soon)

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well i would like to be able to do the html and make my page the way it was before, also maybe have some base templates that epopel can choose from?

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I agree.

Is the stuff we wrote on the old oasis gone forever???

*cries a little*

I hope not. :-/

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Define "old Oasis"

Oasis content from December 1995 to December 2001 -- not gone forever.

Oasis content from December 2001 to December 2002 -- gone forever.


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:( this makes me so sad.

:( this makes me so sad.

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i virtually cried when we los

i virtually cried when we lost that stuff... but going on suggestions, scoped out google, and they had a page of my stuff saved so i saved that page (make sense) anywho, its funny to read over those entries now haha.

yeah i liked how we could fool around the with html ourselves in the menus and add different pages etc on the older version/s. im supposing this will be one of the features coming back with our sites yeah?

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You are doing a Marvelous job, Adrian babe. I can't think of anything too pressing. I don't really know what's feasible and what's not. Give me more info on what the options are, or what you've got planned?

Ditto to JB's comments, tho. And static URLs? Are we going to have them again, or not?


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Some Notes

first thing .. user sites are in... i have have to delay and just enable for the first week or so .. .. i will ..

To clarify .. you will be able to reach your site via both of those once the subdomain thing is sorted.. and it wont make a difference to the page. (they will map to each other).

Secondly (to quell JB's concerns) .. themes are in the site.. i dont really want to say too much about at this point.. as it is taking a large part of time.. but don't worry .. you are well taken care of in that regard.

Thirdly (in reply to jules) : static url's are very much back .. you will be able to reach an item via :[the number of the blog posted] and myoasissite/blogs/[number] .. ie .. your first ever blog is blogs/1 , second is blogs/2 etc.

Some pointers.. try not to be vague.. give examples.. discuss .. dissect etc. A useability idea will have a much higher chance of being implemented if a lot of people want it ..

ok .. i will address / save any suggestions at a later date .. i am not going to try and spoil too many more things.. and i would like if the beta testers (yes we have them , no you probably cant be one if you arent .. sorry) wouldnt let any surprises slip..

Peace out.!

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Fabulous Job!

Great job so far. Keep up the good work.

As for suggestions, I would like to see a place where people could post non-blog posts. Okay, that was confusing. What I mean is I would like to see a place where you could post a story about your coming out saga or have a list of movies/music that you want to share with others without it showing up on the 'user blogs'. Or is that what 'Create story'?

Also, not nearly as important or pertinent as the aforementioned suggestion, but I would also like to see a place where there would be list of all Oasians so that we could see what they have done/posted so far in case they haven't posted recently.

If I confused you in my haste to post this, please PM me or something. I'll undoubtedly check back to read up on this topic. Thanks again!

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blogs is a bit of a misnomer.

I am using the functionality of blogs to make everything belong to the user..
the concept of stories in the base drupal is things you submit for publication on the site.. where as things that you post to your blog go to your section and can be put on the front page if need be.

Story should not be used .. this content will not appear automatically in your new oasis site.. and is stored deep in the system somewhere.

You will however be able to mark a blog entry as a poem .. so it will show up under the poems section.

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thats what a member site is

thast what a member sites are, places that are not blogs.

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if it helps you ..

i am going to get rid of the wording ..

the links in the navigation are currently generated by the system itself. If i enable blogs.. it adds 'create blog' to the menu.
I am designing my own menu's .. and the wording on that is probably going to be 'Update my Site' ., 'Upload an Image' and 'Preferences' .. or something =)

so blogs internally , site updates externally .

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So, as for sites, how do we get them up and running again? Or is that yet to come? Forgive me, I'm dense, surprisingly not blonde, though I act it, and sleep and cuddle


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They are not yet up and running

It's going to take another couple of weeks.. but they are one their way =)

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I was led to believe there would be punch and pie?


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we have to save terrence and

we have to save terrence and phillip!

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And what happened to Fabulon?

And what happened to Fabulon? That really big gay planet or something? :o

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Fabulon is behind schedule, what else would you expect for someplace thats going to be utterly fabulous!

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I'd like to suggest bring back the stories and such that were on Oasis 1. There was alot of good stuff there. My favorite was My Island With Kyle 2. But yeah, that's my suggestion...

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Oasis v1 and v2

Are going to be part of the new site, all that content is still around. v3 (the last version) is the only one that is vapor.


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right now oasis is more of a blogging and forum site more than a magazine, which is what it is called. don't get me wrong i really like this, but i think it would be wounderful to have stories, poems and other liturature aswell. it would probably be easiest to have users post this stuff on a forum type setting, but it would be really cool if their was like an editor's pick of the month or something. I wasn't around for the past incarnations of oasis, but from reading the history they all sounded pretty cool, and i think no matter what you do with oasis Im pretty sure i'll keep coming back.

jeff's picture

definitely coming...

in a big way, just have to get the sites and such running first.

Of course, not as many people have been writing poetry and such lately, but I think that will kick moreso when people feel they have their own area on here, as opposed to it just blogrolling constantly.


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I did post a poem, which quickly disappeared apparently deleted by the thread-starter.
There are plenty of story sites on the web, such as my
Original fiction by the person who submits it.

Mr. & Mr. Bronte-Martel

The Journal-diary of a teen suicide

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Issues with Macs

I really like the site but I've noticed that on Macs running OS 9 or older (at least with Internet Explorer) much of the text on the site is illegibly small unless you set the text size in the browers preferences to an unreasonably large value.

Other than that, there's been nothing but good times :-)

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I have Windows XP

I have Windows XP and the sub-comments are almost illegibly small on my comp as well.

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I had that problem until I started to use the best web browser for the mac- OmniWeb. It has a cool feel and is displays the text in easy to read format.


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OmniWeb is MacOSX only

Mozilla and Safari dispaly Oasis without problems but there are no MacOS 9 browsers that handle the site very well except for the newest versions of netscape and Mozilla but those browsers don't run well on older macs.

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all fine but.

Omniweb is not one of our officially supported browsers. I won't now, or in the future even attempt to test/ensure compatibility with it.

The new oasis is being built to be fully standards compliant , and omniweb by all accounts sucks at these standards. The best you can hope is that omniweb upgrade their browser to have better css2/DOM compatibility.

All in all it's a nice start, but the claim that Omniweb is already a full-fledged browser is simply untrue: lots of work is still to be done. The 4.1 beta has done part of that work, but not yet enough. Let

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I had no appreciation for how hard people were working on this. Thank you! How can I help?

TeeAhr1. Color me impressed.

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for now.

Just keep on writing content.

The site is just a tool to allow you guys to express yourself. Without you lot, all this wouldnt be worth doing.

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i think the site is pertty much perfect! i love it! i would put more colors and rainbows though. just so it gets attention more :)

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I don't see this as too big o

I don't see this as too big of an issue, but personally I wish the indents for threaded comments were more obvious - at first I didn't know if they were there at all, but now I see it's just very subtle.

Not a big problem. Keep up the great work with the site and all. =)

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it's on the list =)