Sunday morning routine

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Sitting in rows thinking about womens bodies drifting in and out. Room is full of god fearing christians.

"We've got to save our youth. They are lost. That MTV has had a plan for their lives since they were born. WE have a plan for our childeren. To make them and army for the lord. Aquire the Fire. Your childeren will come back a new. There is hope. We will turn their lives arround from the sins the world presses on them"


Trys to fall back asleep

" Now this is for real. People are being possessed more and more by the devil. His spirits are attacking people and turning them away from jesus. These people are walking arround and they are full of hate, full of the devil. We have to casts these evil spirits out and bring these people back to thee sweet jesus."

looks at clock

"The devil comes in many forms. In commercials. Those commercials with the seemingly good deals, they try to trick you. Thats the devil right there. They try to sell you a prayer mat for thats the demons. You have to gaurd yourself at all times"


..2.5 hours later im free


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I know what you mean

I know exactly how you feel, oh the joys of going to church. I think it's funny how they go on and on about sin and the evils of the world and yet most, if not all, of the things they don't want are in the church. not to mention the hypocracy and the intolerence that "love" brings. you have my sympathy