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Here I am feeling antisocial, working out on my own time on the trendmill trying to loose weight, pondering about war on iraq is really worth it.

Lately I have been getting panic attacks due to my gut instincts. Everytime I have this, I know somthing is going to smother me with saddness or suprise. Two nights ago I saw 2 rings around the full moon, a sign of somthing soon to come. I know people stick to the sciencetific facts that its a sign of rain coming in 24 hours. But to me, I feel theres more to the rings than itself. It told me somthing will happen pretty soon. I dont know what, and I believe we;ll be seeing it.

Lately I have been thinking about my own deaf culture. I know many of them thinks im such a prat for thinking such but its true. They attack hearing people becuase they claim to be provoked or angered by them. WHich is total bs. They also provoke other deaf people as well. Bashing against eachother, and they call it a deaf nature. Im like thinking WTF is up with that. If its a deaf nature what happened to working together as team and promote awareness here people? Its just mind boggling. My deaf friend apparently once said 89% of the deaf people are idiots and 11% makes it out into the real world with success. Im thinking well thats true, also harsh but brutally true. I have seen alot of idioticy in deaf chat that I moderate, they attack, insult, and even obsess. *sigh*

Here I am, gay and single. Sex-less for months and happy. What is it with gay men and their obsession with having sex? *sigh* Im tired of this bs as well.


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Amen to gay men and sex. calm

Amen to gay men and sex. calm down everyone! i used to obsess over it too but now that i have as much as i want, i'm realizing there's so much more to relationships than just sex!