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Anybody know about synesthaesia? All I know is...its like..when you're a baby, your senses of sight and sound are sort of linked, but it goes away after 2 months or so...but, some people keep it. For instance, if you say "three" I see this image of an orange and black beetle in my mind. "Bulma" is like a green hill with fake looking clouds. See what I mean? Anybody else showing "symptoms"? (A green snake on a white towel on a table)

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try google'n it JB Vice

try google'n it

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It occurs when Neurons branch off into the wrong part of the brain. It sounds as if some of your Neurons that process auditory information are ending up sending messages to your occipidal lobe. May I ask how old you are? From what I understand most people with this condition don't realise they have it until they hear that the condition exists.

Babies have more neurons then adults do, and many connections attrophy, or die off as the child matures, just as other connections are being formned. In the case of Adult Synestesia some of those connections remained in place.

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Yeah, I'm fifteen, but I knew I had it before I knew that it was something that...uh...scientists took interest in, or something that had a name. I could tell with numbers when I was, like, nine...25--the two was a pearly color, and the 5 was tourquoise, and both were curly.

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only ever experienced it ..

while under massive amounts of psychedelics..

i always enjoyed it though .. hearing colours and tasting sounds can be lotsa fun =)

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a friend of mine has it... she says i'm green... it works pretty well for her. she's a very visual person, and it helps with that. *shrugs* everyone's unique, and that's the way her brain, and yours, work. tis all cool.


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