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I know this is a tad lighter than other stuff but i think it could go somewhere interesting. What's people thoughts on t.A.T.u? do you think they help break down the walls for gay teens? or are they using lesbianism as way to get noticed and sell records?
also little thought for y'all: the girls are 14 and 15 in that "controversial video". I'd aprreciate any thoughts on this be it whether you like their music or how it relates to gays in the media

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Let them do what they want.

I say let them be what they want, who they want. They might be lesbians, they might be bisexuals. While they might be using it to their advantage, I feel the media might be inflating that a little too. I think I heard they're from Russia, and last fall Russia was considering a law that would outlaw male homosexuality. Don't hold me to that statement because I am a little sketchy on the details, and any clarification would be welcome. So maybe they're displaying their non-heterosexuality to at least give hope to millions of gay, lebian, bisexual and transgender youth in easter Europe.

Just my two cents.

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they are a "Russian lesbian p

they are a "Russian lesbian pop duet" or something lik that
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"girls & girls,but u the 1," -t.A.T.u.

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What I think of the music

Hey i thought you might like to know that tatu have been around in russia for a few years and are making their third russian album soon. I love the english language cd. It's the kind of manufacture pop that i listen to (i admit) but it's a lot edgier and i love the lyrics epescially when you apply them to being gay. I would say that the lesbian thing is a selling point but i think it works both ways. I can't see it wokring if 2 guys trying it sadly.
Also does anyone else have more info on the outlawing of male homosexuality in russia?? it sounds just awful enough to be true
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t. A. T. u.

I'm not really sure about them. I do know that I read somewhere that they both have boyfriends. So either that was false, or they all just have one huge orgy together.

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LOVE 'em

i love their video,(definitely)music,& them!
i think they are telling us(queers) to open up & not b afriad of who u r!! Their comin out proves that people will not judge u 4 ur sexuality but for who u truly r by personality or whatever(r their music). I don't know about u people but i find comfort in their music, it inspires me 2 b "out & proud" , that som1 felt the pain i feel now & that i'll find som1. t.A.T.u.'s love shall prevail & urs!
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Very Hot

And very positive messege for GLBT youth.

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agreed: they are hot

There was an article about them on PlanetOut a while ago -- it said that they were a "manufactured" group (a la Spice Girls). It also said that they both have boyfriends (and are therefore presumedly not a couple), but this is very hush-hush to protect their image. Commercialized lesbianism -- a definite step forward in the fight for equality, no?

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14 and 15!

No one should be made into sex symbols at that age! Augh. When will women stopped being viewed as sex objects?

I think that sex sells. And hot girls sell. So obviously, having hot girls making out with each other sells. And I believe that's all there is to it.

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t.A.T.u (2)

Actually, I think the girls are actually 18/19-ish, but dressed up as younger kids.

Dunno if this has come out your side of the pond, but we had a big controversy over here when t.A.T.u were #1 and it turned out their manager had the idea for their video whilst watching porn... :-O

I'm not a huge fan; aside from the fact the music sucks they personify all the reasons I don't want to be known as a "lesbian" (e-mail me, if you really care what they are).

Still, if they do something to bring the gay community (especially the female side, which is so ignored in favour of the guys) then they gotta be good... somehow.



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the girls are are 14 and 15 in the video whihc was shot a few years ago for the russian release of all the things she said (look at the vid they don't actually speak any of the lines) i think they are being marketed in a slightly twisted way but the music is good so that's all i care about.
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Tatu is a one hit oner here in NA. and i red a review of them today that classified them as euro-trash. I would agree.

yay post #800!
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I'm confused as to what to believe. If they really are lesbians then it is cool that they are out there and have a big name for themselves in mainstream music, but if they are posing as lesbians as a publicity stunt then that is sick and dirty... marketing lesbian child porn pretty much.

The lyrics are good, but it is too bad they didn't write them themselves. I wish there was more discretion surounding their sexuality. When I first discovered them I thought they were the greatest thing ever, but now with all the rumors I feel taken advantage of. Who knows what to believe though, I wish I did!


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I love them, own the CD, they

I love them, own the CD, they are great. I don't think they are 14 and 15... I think they are older but I forget what their site said. I love them, and from what I saw on TRL, they are lesbians and not posing as anything.

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its not v nice

14 and 15 year old sex symbls isnt v nice in my opinion. people th@ age r kids! true, i wouldnt hav agreed with myself @ th@ age, but lookin back...

obviously iv nothing against lesbianism, but to use it for publicity? they make a big thing out of it and it's giving gay women a bad name - makes us look like tarts, which is not a label we need. i h8 th way women always seem 2 hav 2 use their bodies in the music industry 2 get attention and men don't.

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two cents

Oh, I think men do have to use their bodies in the mainstream "music industry." Such people are generally entertainers, NOT musicians.
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