That Guy at Hot Topic was SOOOOO cute

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I have had a really odd week, but it's all good now, because I am officially on Spring Break (thank God!) I went with my mom to the mall yesterday and I decided to go to Hot Topic to get this New Found Glory shirt that I have been eyeing for awhile. Well, the employee who rang us up with just about the cutest little thing ever. He had a bandana around his head, and the cutest tight little shirt that came up in the back. He was wearing eye shadow. Ugh, little punk queeny boys really do it for me.

So, I was standing with my mom in front of the showcase where they keep the patches and stickers and whatnot, and he was on the other side and was like, "OMGosh! Where did you get that sweater?!" I was like, "Aeropostale", and he was like, "I have one that kinda looks like that one, but yours is better." It was strange, considering my mom was there and she doesn't know about me, but it was all good. When we were paying, I made sure to pull up my shirt a little to adjust my bellybutton ring. And yes, he was looking. I think I am going to have to visit Hot Topic a little more often.

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cute blog

that is an adorable little story. escpecially the belly button thing.
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