the butchies

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has anyone heard of the butchies? they are a really good band. like kickass haha ilove their music and lyrics..i even got one of my straight friends into them haha its awesome! but seriously they are a really cool band you guys should check them out


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do they have a website?

do they have a website?

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that have one and but tis better if you look them up fomr yahoo or something

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now that i saw their website

now that i saw their website i think i read about them in a magazine once.

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of course.

Love em.


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The Butchies rock :-) I like

The Butchies rock :-) I like "Sex (I'm a Lesbian)", and I'm also a fan of the sutff they did with Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls. If you like the loud, punk style, I recommend Tribe 8 or Bikini Kill.

Ahh, queer punk.


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I really liked them when they opened up for Amy Ray. Never got their CDs, though, not sure how well it translates, but they are really amazing live. And touring right now, i know they come to Sf soon anyway...


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The Butchies' "3"

I have "3," and it's a hot, tight CD. Their music definitely translates to the disc. I can lend it to you if you want.


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I'll probably just add them to the Ferrick/Indigo Girls thing, see them when they are in town, ignore them otherwise. :-)

They are coming to Bottom of the Hill for like $10 in April.


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The Butchies rock my socks. I decided that gays are the only ones who can really still do punk music. Because they are the ony one who have something to be really angry about. I mean, does a white middle class dude need to punk-er-ize about? ::sobs:: I miss the sex pistols. The Butchies are coming to MA the 30th of April though and I have every intention of seeing them.

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The Sex Pistols are in their 50s...

Punk is over, emo forever!

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Not just the idea of queer pu

Not just the idea of queer punk, but our entire subculture. We're our own little self-sustaining community. We have our "own" bookstore, music, foods, clothing.

Maybe we should get our own area code or zip code. (Hmmm...where is this letter from? Oh, Fabulon.)