The heats on in SF

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My weekend was so awsome, i didn't party and all but i did hang with my girls, so that made everything better. We went to the castro, i was the only one who didn't feel really outta place. I mean we all live like in the castro, but it is very different at night. We were trying to find this club, but we never found out. so we stayed down there for a while. They all wanted to find a girl for me, it was sweet. so after about an hour the group decided to split, i didn't really wanna go down to the piers, i mean what the fuck is at the piers. They were all just gonna go get drunk, but thats cool. So i waited for the 24 for at least 20 was not coming, so i walked over to the J stop and waited like 40 mins, so after that we just decided to walk and when we reached 24th and church so does the J, grrr i hate muni right now, no i hate hills, i hate both. so after all that me and my best friend in the world went out for pizza at like 10, our parents thought we were at home, we had to sneak. So we ate some piza then wnet to the super market and bought a huge cake, we like ate all of it,,,hehe. I think the guy at the market thought we had the munchies, we were laughing a lot also. but we weren;t stoned, becasue we are good little angels. so yeah that was my night
Oh yeah and before all that happened we tanned in dolores park, got a slurpee...not the spiked kind of course and we had a water fight, dude SF is really really hot right now...hehe we are so sad