the war summed up

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Can someone please write what is happening with the whole war thing in simple paragraphs. I have been in Wales for a week with no TV and am completly lost as is to what is happening, partly because, it's so stupid that i can't understand why there doing what they are, so will you also state why each thing that is going to or has been done is? Thanks
and can this not turn into a long thread, I just want the main outline from A FEW, WELL INFORMED individuals on either side, preferably from different countries, ie USA, canada, uk, and other continents (sorry to generalise with the other coninent thing)

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Alice, don't be so lazy, you got the whole internet in front of you. try the news websites

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yes i know i should stop bein

yes i know i should stop being so lazy and i will therefore do as you say and reseach it. However, I still think it would be intersting to see what the point of views of people from different countries are and see if they have different versions of what is going on.

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All of us have argued about the war for so long that we're sick of it. Please, lets not perpetuate our bickering.

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Fag in Chief:

That's not a bad idea... I think I might have started a mini-war a few days back with my little anti-war post...

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From our good Google friends

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google is beautiful

yay google!

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