things are getting better!

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and i'm not even kidding! i might get to see alex tonight... she got her driver's license. yaaaay. love my girl.

the english teacher moved my seat. i now sit in the back of the room with two of my really close girl friends. they're among the folks who stick up for me, no matter what. he said that if he ever heard anything out of those two again, there would be "serious repercussions."

one of my best friends put her reputation on the line for me. my friends are so good. :) one of the assholes was harassing her for hanging out with me, and she said, "you know what? you might not agree with her liking girls, but at least she's not a dumbass like you." i love my friends.

on the downside, i have the serious feeling that i'm gonna get the "are you gay?" conversation with mom this month. i'm going to alex's prom with one of her male friends, and i know mom suspects something. actually, i think she already knows all about me, and she just won't give me the satisfaction of knowing that she knows.

pretty funny conversation with mom about the nature license plates (they have butterflies on them) the other day.

mom: "i really like those license plates. i would get one, but random women might start hitting on me."
me: "eh? what the hell are you on about?"
mom: "you know... butterflies. they're one of the symbols of the, you know..."
me: "the what, mom?"
mom: "the *sisterhood*. you know."
me: "the sisterhood?"
mom: "you know, morgan. the *lesbians*."
me: "oh, really? i'm sure that's exactly what they were thinking of when they designed the license plates."
mom: "stop being a smartass. why are you so defensive?"
me: "**silence**"


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That's news to me

I didn't know butterflies were a symbol for lesbians. *Shrugs*

Cute animal though.

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yeah, me neither. i was *ver

yeah, me neither. i was *very* confused.