tongue in cheek?

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Suddenly I totally understand what's wrong with objectification.

Puma One

Puma Two



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Is this

a total fake? Some person probally added the explictive semen on that girls leg for the hell of it? ROTFL. OMG this is so dirty and gross.

If they are really advertising that, they should never done that. Thats like giving the kids the wrongful impression of a guy spitting on girls. :P *GIGGLES*

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cum or no cum

It's still degrading.

I mean, what were they thinking?

"Every girl will want the shoes and the matching purse because she'll be fashionable while on her knees."

Yeah, that's what I look for in my advertising. For sure. Dick sucking footware.



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Thats yucky. Chief Politic

Thats yucky.

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It's a new British ad method called "viral marketing".


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upon reading the story, I'm convinced that the marketing method is even more disgusting than the original ad.


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is it so hard for them to swallow? Or do straight chicks let it dribble out to make the man think he shot so much that they can't even keep it all in their mouth? Boost his fragile ego, etc.

Can't imagine these will run in any publications, probably serving their purpose online, people sending links to one another.