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its been far too long a few days since my last post. so i hung out with heathre. yay! best friend, anniversary. good shit. then on sat, i went to this gay teens meeting thing, and that went....mediocre. i dont think i was so well recieved. ill admit, im a bit off, but still, who isnt? anyway. and then i hung out with aldo all day. not like that wasnt uncomfortable at points. id bet he'd say its cause i let it be. screw it. then we hung out with em and dan, and i think he gave me dirty and or nasty looks. granted everything i had to say was rude and sarcastic. anyway. then i was too tired to get off, so i havent gotten off in like four days. not happy there. and i think myke hates me which i dont want him too. friend he is, but i dont know how to fit in time for everyone anymore. ugh. im just gonna spend the day at the piano cause all of my guitars are still missing strings. and god know that violin wont be taking me places. at least i got a case law book from my lawyer aunt vickie. if it werent for music, id so be a lawyer and aunt vickie thinks its a good idea. just dont mentally have the time for all this shit. i have songs to write. -nico