We come in peas!

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Me and my little imaginary friends are here! Lol...I know I'm weird, but that's my charm. I got an imaginary friend named Leperchaun, and guess what...he's a leperchaun. Any whoo...

MY info (I'm new, so an introduction is in order!)
Name~ Ceslie Monique
Nicknames~ Wild Child, Cesy, and Button (only by my brothers! Don't ask why, it's an embarrassing story.)
Age~ 15
Status~ Single, and questioning (I'm not sure about the whole bi-sexual thing)

My story so far~

* I live with my dad, stepmom, 2 real brothers, 1 stepbrother, a stepsister, and a halfsister. My mom, stepdad, and halfbrother live in another state and I see her in the summer and on some weekends.
* My best friends are Ryan and Jacob. (I don't get along with girls, cuz I flirt too damn much with their guys, hehe!) Ryan is gay, but Jacob is straight. We've been friends since forever. (Actually I was 5, Jacob was 7, and Ryan was 5.)
* I am starting to like a girl, named Desiree. She's gorgeous, is gothic (I'm kinda gothic, more just me =D) She's mixed (I have a thing for mixed guys, and I guess now girls, too, she's the first girl I've liked, really). She's the same age as me, but a freshman.


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Peas are my favorite

My mom gave me a valentine that said "Peas be my valentine" :-)

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