Weapons of Mass destruction

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What constitutes a weapon of mass destruction anyway? In my eyes, a single bullet being fired can be considered a weapon of mass destruction. One life being taken affects not only that life, but also many others invovled. That, to me, is considered mass destruction. Buildings and cities and factories can all be rebuilt. You can never bring back a human life. Once its gone, it's gone. Perhaps humanity should be added to the endagered species list.


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I am a Weapon of Mass Destruction

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Now hold on....

....some of us may want to deal with his weapon of mass destruction. :-P

But to answer the original question, I'm sure it depends on who you ask. If you ask me, I get the image of bombs in my head as weapons of mass destruction (WMD)--if it can kill lots of people (and this number is subjective, of course) at the same time, I think that's where you can start using the WMD label.


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Looks more like a Weapon of M

Looks more like a Weapon of Mass Affection to me... :o

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According to an article supposedly by a former sargent...

The only true weapons of mass destruction are nukes. Chemical weapons are not because they actually tend to have a low area of effect, particularly gas weapons. They are effective only if you stay in the area or panic and go running around like a chicken with your head cut off. They gather in low areas and are affected by wind. Germany found out that that has a downside during the WW's (nothing like having your own mustard gas blown back atcha) I suppose the new thermobarric bombs that are being developed also fall under the mass destruction catagory...nothing like a bomb with enough force to shatter your bones. Even if you just get hit by the last part of the shock wave you get injured.

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It's similiar to the idea if

It's similiar to the idea if you win the war and kill innocent people, it's collarteral damage.

If you lose the war, then you are charged with war crimes for killing innocent people.

Have I ever said people make even the slightest ounce of sense?