What the mother #$^&?

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You know, I had everything planned out. My life was set. I got average grades, I liked a girl, my friends all knew I was there for them, I was in the musical, I had a job, college was just waiting there for me to come in and take over next year. It was great. Somehow, in the course of a month I've quit my job, my grades have nose-dived, the musical ended, college looms over me like a scary looming thing, and I'm dating this GUY. This guy that I went out with two years ago, amoungst all of my "I can't be gay" confusion. I figured out the secret though! I'm a lesbian, so why the guy now? AND above all things, the girl I liked, who's worked her way up to being one of my best friends . . . well, my other close friend, Justin, who's gay, totally likes her. He likes a girl, my girl, and I can't really get mad because she doesn't belong to me in way, shape, or form and plus am I not doing the same thing with 'dating' Jacob? This is all so stupid.


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oh my...

I know what you mean. I've been sorta there. Actually I am sorta there. College and people and confusion...ack! Don't worry, it'll work itself out somehow. You could always break up with the guy and tell the girl how you feel. IDK. Just an idea. Hope it works out for ya.

I don't mind if you're straight, just as long as you act gay in public.-a button