What would the PENGUINS do?

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Sorry...I am addicted to Penguins. I had an imaginary friend who was a penguin...his named was Bob...*tear* Krystal killed him! *sob* Anyways.....

I was thinking about animals. Not like that! I was just wondering if animals have emotions like humans, could they have the feelings of wanting the same gender? I don't know.

I'm screwed up today...
I took a self-quiz of whether I have depression. There was 15 questions, yes and no. I had zero no's. That's bad.

:( I cut myself yesterday. On my thigh. Not deep, but it still bled. Me and James got into an agruement becuase he wouldn't walk with me down one of the halls, because of what Stacy would say. I told him I didn't give a damn what she said. It's like he won't admit we're friends.

Me and Rachael are ok. She thought I was ashamed to say I was dating her, but it was because I didn't want someone to know because they would tell my parents.


If you want me, tell me
I can understand if you don't
I don't want me either

If you want love, I'm here
I can understand how it is without love
Trust me, I've been there only too many times

If you want to kiss me, just go for it
I won't pull away
I've been waiting long for this

If you want to stay, you can
But only if it's forever
It's love me now or never

If you hate me, I will cry
But I understand
I don't want me either.


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There are queer penguins

The New York Zoo actually has a pair of nesting males. Good luck with your love life. I sure need it.

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look at my avatar.