Whats the deal-i-o?

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Okay I was reading my school paper, and come upon this by our enlightened Dean of Students:

"They don't show good judgment in not keeping to themselves- they pollute the environment when they speak out," the dean said.

Ummm... does any one have a problem with this?


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Who does he mean?

who was he talking about? I assume whoever it is must exhale a tremendous amount of Carbon Dioxide when they open their mouths for this statment to be beliveable. Or maybe he is talking about some sort of cyborg whose lungs have been replaced with some sort of furnace that releases tons of CloroFloroCarbons.

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That title...

"Whats the deal-i-o?"

Oops. I must of been mislead by that title. I thought this was going to be a thread on gay black people. :)

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