where are all the guys?

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It seems that Oasis is turning into a site for the ladies. Come on boys, start posting! Come on, let's hear some juicy stories, something, ANYTHING!


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I'm here!

I'm here and loud! But alas, I have no juicy stories. My life is only rated R because of language and inuendo. No worries:)

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Here's kinda a story, not too juicy though

Well, I dont know how many of you read my other blog, but here is and update of what is going on.

I decided to tell a friend of mine the truth. I have known her since 4th grade and since she is female, I figured it would be a little bit easier. After telling her first she was a little quiet, but when she spoke up she asked me if I was serious and then told me she kinda had feelings for a friend of hers (she goes to a sister school of mine, all girls private catholic). Now me and her talk all the time, it has strengthened our friendship, we can be ourselves in front of each other, and as she helped me just by my telling her, now I can return the favor and help her through her hard time. She might be coming by to look at the site sometime.

Also, next week or maybe in a few, I am gonna tell my crush that I am gay or bi (still havent figured out which one yet). Thats were I will stop, I just wanna see how he takes it and stuff. I think there is about a 60% he is str8 and about a 40% that he is gay or bi. If thinks are looking good, then I will tell him more ie. I have crush on him, otherwise I will leave it there. Should be giving y'all another update soon, Thats it for now.

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you will just make us cry eventually if we talk, no?

hehe, i'm drunk so i wont' way much more