Yet another bad weekend for the books....

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Alright. So I broke up with this chick I was seeing right? Cause she was violent and totally not good for my mental health (I know what mental health?). That was like oh a month ago and now she keeps calling me and "accidentally" bumping into me all the time at random places. So what the hell do I do??? A part of me wants to give in and say "Sure hun I would love to date you again. " and another part of me says "Screw that! You hurt me big time and you expect me to give in! I think NOT." I have no clue what I am going to do. But today would be six years since my grandmother died, and that drags up bad memories, so I just wanted to cry all day. Bad very bad. Lonely very lonely. =(


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dont go back

i was in a relationship where my girl treated me like shite, i went back to her after i ended it coz she begged, but things only got worse. then i ended it and she begged me back and things got worse. staying away is sometimes the only option - "i love you" does not mean "i have the right to hurt you"

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Its tough but I think your very right. Thank you.

~Lisa Fairy~