You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown

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On the way back home, I noticed something all to common in my town. You see, Carmel is a bedroom community, meaning that people sleep here yet work elsewhere for the most part. A side effect is empty streets, save for the people emptying from the high school after the aforementioned play. It was 9:30 on a Friday night, yet Carmel was a ghostown. Sometimes I just want to move.

Damnit, I can't remember this really good quote from "Sure Thing." So instead, I'll substitute something another.

"It's like death, but without all the benefits."



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i know this post is old but i just noticed it. so sue me.

David Ives was one of my film profs at NYU :) He rocks!!! Those are some of my favourite plays all mentioned by you all in a row!!! Do you know 'Words Words Words'? Also one I like. I remember seeing you're a good man charlie brown in high school - i had a crush on that linus...that was like the boy-crush that lasted most of high school to disguise all my girl-crushes, but hey...there ya go. so you are my theatre geek clone.

:) peace

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