A glass show....thats right.....

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A room full of other people's old, glassware....thats what I did today...Heisey(sp)glass, to be specific....But man, if you own the right kind of Heisey, you could be rolling in money! Some of the stuff was fifteen hundred dollars!!!!....for a bowl!
But anyway....The real reason I am writing, is because we went passed the nursing home my grandfather was in before he died. Now that wouldnt seem like such a big deal, but this is kind of different. My grandfather started a house fire in his house, for reasons no one really knows, and he went on trial for my grandmother's death. I was almost 12 at the time. I watched him on the news and the people who were bashing him, and I remeber thinking, "Damn you! He is not like that!!". Then he went into a nursing home and was diagnosed with alzheimers. He started forgetting things, and living in the past. He would remember and seem just like his old self, but it didnt really last. My dad and I were the last ones he remebered. But anyway, we passed that nursing home and it tore at my heart. He didnt remember me when he died. He didnt remember how much time he and I spent together and how much I loved him. He didnt know me anymore, I was just another face to him. Someone who looked vaguely familar but now, was nobody. And now hes gone. I cant handle it. There was so much pain. I guess in a way, it was good he didnt remember. He didnt know why he was there, or what happened to his family. But damn, I love him so much and he didnt know it in the end. I was just some little blonde girl who kept visiting him so often. In the end, my dad stopped taking us to see him, because he gave up, he gave up on life. He didnt eat, get up, talk to anyone...And now hes gone, and I will never see him again...Sorry guys, that was really depressing but I needed to get that out....Thanks for letting me rant....Cya later....


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feel bad for ranting, blogging is for everything, and if thats what you need to say, thats cool. Besides, if ranting was bad, Id be in trouble! ^_^ I've never been where you're talking about, but if you ever want to talk you have my number.