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Gotta love the ex who wont go away! Allie did show up. That was horrendously bad. ::shudders:: I dont feel the need to go into detail about that. ::shudders again::
Anyways. Chris is driving me nuts! One minute he is all mopey and depressed and "I hate Lisa". Then the next he is trying to put his arm around my waist and snuggling against me!!!! What the fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Currently he is ignoring me to talk to Tricia. Fun fun fun! GRRRROWL. Gotta love the friends who use you (sarcasm)!
I have used the phrase "Gotta love.." twice. Interesting.
My hands are numb. Owies.
Lena called me today. Wanted to do something tomorrow but alas I am busy ::smiles::, poor Lena. Shes gotta move on....
Well I am gonna go now before I bore you all to sleep. Cya later!
~Lisa Faery Kitten~


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Poor abused kitten...



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*wink wink*

Have fun to you both!

~dragon fairy~

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Wink wink? Lol. It was very VERY fun!
~Lisa Faery~