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So a quick update on my date on monday is probably in order.

it has been followed in quick succession with another 2 dates, soon the be a third. The interesting part is , that I have not slept with this boy, and we have infact decided to wait until we both feel it's the right time.

It's not only not the usual way of doing things, but it all just feels right. And the more time i spend around him, the more i think i might be falling for him. And the situation is very hopefull.

Anyway. till tuesday. I am off.


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no details babe? Awe, I'm so

no details babe? Awe, I'm so happy for you!!! Go Adrian, I bow down before you and your wonderful ways.

~dragon fairy~

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I love that song! :-D Ch

I love that song! :-D

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Especially ..

The version from tank girl.

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