Bulldagger Swagger

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"Do the bulldagger, bulldagger swagger..." ~Phranc

I'm catching up on my lesbian folk music. Phranc is pretty sometimes, you have to have a sense of humor listening to her.

"To every young man who can't pass, from every lipstick lezzie lass, from every drag queen's high heeled stagger..."

It's interesting how probably no one in the straight world would have heard of the artist. It's part of the ay arts scene, and there is one. I am fascinated overall how socially we like a bit of personal segregation. "Girls Night Out" and such. It seems built into our psyche, we love clubs. We want to be members of everything, but don't want everyone in ours. OK, there are a few clubs I don't want to be a member of, but the core idea of having friends is there. Let's not break the arguement apart.

Aw, the frailty of the human condition.


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The title mislead me, the con

The title mislead me, the content of this blog is so not what I expected it to be. However Phranc's I Enjoy Being a Girl is rather interesting.

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Never assume anything of the

Never assume anything of the internal macchinations of Maggie.


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heeheehee - i recognised the song title. have u seen her website? it has samples of all her songs. i wanna buy phranc's tupperware but tupperware doesn't do international shipping. :( and we need new tupperware too. i want aphranc tupperware party! i have a copy of a gsy comedy nite that was on tv years ago and she's on it singing her martina navratilova song. :) it's really cute.

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I've never heard Phranc's fol

I've never heard Phranc's folk stuff - what's it like? Anyway, she used to be in this really really cool punk proto-techno band from LA called Nervous Gender, so that's how I know about her...