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The house I wanted is going to be sold. Unless something happens and the deal falls through (I can only hope!). My day of house hunting tomorrow will not be nearly as much fun now. :( I am very bummed. *sigh* I guess this teaches me not to get my hopes up.

Unfortunately it also probably sets me back in getting a house, which sets me back on finding roommates. I'm a little worried about the roommate situation; they will be financially necessary so I have to find some. And I haven't figured out any way to get gay-friendly roommates besides just saying "I'm gay. Are you cool with that?" Which sounds nice in theory, but considering I've only come out to three people, could be an issue. Then again, if I'm going to be out at school, I'll have to get used to it... still working on that one though. Being out at school would be cool, but there's lots of reasons it would be problematic, too. Like, I'm a big chicken. Irk.

Any suggestions on getting roommates? I just don't want to end up living with big homophobes. No matter what else I do, I don't intend to hide in my own house. I want to put up my pictures, and have my gay books on my bookcase, and heck, maybe even bring home a girlfriend. If a have one...


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I am sorry.....

that the house search isnt working out the way you wanted it to...I suggest that if you find roomates to just be honest with them, sometimes we overjudge people and just make it worse for ourselves...we are opposite situations, I am trying to get out of my house and find roomates to salvage my sanity! Good luck hun!
~Lisa Faery~

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Some help, maybe

I recently came out at school and it turned out great! Now I know that no two situations are alike. You have to ask yourself if your friends from school are true friends and try to think about how they will handle it. My group of friends is made up of guys and girls, all str8, they actually like me better now that they know.

Now, about the roommates. I don't know what city you are in, but you may try gay-friendly establishments. Places like coffe houses, bookstores, etc. I know that's how it works in Columbus, Ohio. I see ads for roommates all the time. Try posting at local gay sites online. You could also try gay publications. I know places like Indianapolis and Columbus have gay publications that circulate weekly. You can pick those up at bars, clubs, etc.

I hope I was some hlep and good luck with the school coming out.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I wish I was actually there now. It'd be so much easier to explore that stuff. It'd be really cool to get some gay roommates!