Comming out to a bus of strangers

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Im tired and on a bus full of other highschoolers I dont know. Im laying on my friend's shoulder and trying to sleep.

"I hate faggots, If one ever got near to me Id beat his ass," boy in a cowboy hat informs the bus.

Anger starts stiring in me.

"Yea fucking fags with their damn limp wrists talking like women,fucking disgusting." responds another boy.

"There all going to hell anyway." Another one chimes in.

"You guys are being so offensive" I yell surprised that the words suddenly escaped my throat.

"What are you a lesbian?", Cowboy hat boy asks

"Yea I am", I answer

"I told you they were!" two girls point and giggle at my friend and I.

"Well its ok to be a lesbian but fags are sick.",Cowboy hat boy reasures me.

"Did you ever think that there might be gay guys on this bus. You know how offense your being to them?"I say.

The conversation goes on untill I get off the bus. One of them apologizes to me. As I walk off the bus they all stare to get a better view of the lesbian.


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You go girl!


That's cool of you to stick up for yourself. I'd give the guys credit for appologizing to you, as assholic as they were being. Maybe there's hope for them yet. As for yourself, WAY to GO!


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thanks :P

thanks :P

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Good job. :)

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Nice work!

It's always good to make folks like that use the brains vacuum-packed inside their cowboy hats. You're a lot braver than I am...
I used to live in a town full of people like that, and I've gotta wonder if they ever take the time to listen to what dumb, ignorant assholes they sound like.

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Good for you! Chief Poli

Good for you!

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