curling up and dying (why is it 'cool' to be bisexual lately?)

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i fucking hate her.
agh, i hate all these 'im bisexual, sometimes, when theres guys around/im drunk' girls.
we were friends, we 'liked' each other. she flirts with me. she tells everyone how beautiful she thinks i am. she tells my best mate she wants more from me, she wanst to be wth me.
when it comes down to it she's the same as all the rest of them.
we got together, i thought it was gona end up as somethin pretty special. i'm not even the sort who gets attached easily or thinks too much into things, on the contrary i usually don't notice when the person i like likes me until its blatently obvious.
next thing i know i hear off one of my best mates, who happens to be a loudmouthed bastard,i love him to bits but god he can't keep anything quiet, that she regrets it. shes not that way inclined, she isn't actualy bisexual, she doesn't want anything with me, shes embarressed about it.
i feel like a total twat.
saw her yesterday, couldn't even look me in the eye.


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I feel you

"i hate all these 'im bisexual, sometimes, when theres guys around/im drunk' girls."

I feel you completly on that statement. I have nothing agianst bisexual people but those who put on an act just to get guy's attention realy bother me.

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I dated

this bi dude from Detroit, and we went to this goth club. It rocked. The only thing that annoyed me the most was this half naked girl and he pointed out at her saying "I FUCKED HER SHES GOOD". Im gay for fucks sake. That spoiled the whole date. Bisexual people think they have the best of both world, so they are kinda greedy.

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my boyfriend's bi and he kinda scares me when he starts talking about hot girls, or when we walk by a maxim mag and he says "nice boobies". i don't care if he looks, but he always flaunts how he notices other hot people when he's around me and it makes me so uncomfortable. but i know he loves me (five months in two weeks, baby!! that's like two years in gay time...) so it's all good. i love u james, u cutie, and i love u bi. but if people are not really bi, they shouldn't pretend they are for attention, that's just... straight. straight ass manipulative cruel dick bitches!! so i'm drugged from sitting out in the sun trying to tan and this is longest hot god fuck damn shitty bitch ass comment ever. jake's stupid...

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i know what you mean

i know what u mean about the bi for attention people,i sadly know plenty,theres one who was going on about how she wants me to be her girlfriend and how i couldnt have any other girlfriends while at the same time she had a boyfriend, its like the relationship is a joke to them, a thing to get a guys attention and it pisses me off, i am bi myself so it really ticks me off that so many ppl lke that make it into a trendy thing and ruin the way other ppl percieve me for a first meeting because they have the impression most,if not all are bi to be trendy

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fakers suck

frickin stupid fakers!!! Arg! they get to me to, I think they get to everyone who's honest. They don't know the hardships that we the honest ones go through. They need to shut up and wake up. It's not just a "oh i'm bi" one day then the next it's "oh, no i changed my mind". how can you change your mind? it's either you are or you aren't. there is no changing of minds. erk...